Passion & Purpose : Da Twinz

Passion and Purpose aka Da Twinz - Brandon and Bryan Mathis were born 4 minutes a part and have lived a very fascinating life. These former gang members were kicked out of school 11 times from 9 different schools which ultimately lead to them being kicked out of the Memphis City School System. Those twins lived a troubled life that lead them to have more than 200 gang members under them. Because of the lifestyle that they lived, these twin brothers ended up in life changing situations Bryan was shoot at Raleigh Skate land Skating Rank trying to save two young children because of an altercation that involved him in a free style rap battle that took place on the inside of the Skating Rank. Brandon took a bus hostage in a gang rival incident that put him in a position to serve 30 years in prison as a teenager for what he had done. These events lead Passion and Purpose to change the life that they were living. 


Since then, they have shared the stage with Master P, Romeo, Cymphonique Miller. Lil P-Nut, Tank, Vivica A. Fox, Day 26, K. Michelle, Kia Shine, The Barkays, Jacob Latimore Kirk Franklin, Mary Mary, and many more people. This gave them a serious opportunity to share their message of hope on the stages with captive audiences of over thousands of people. Passion and Purpose are not only rappers with a message, but they are actors, producers, writers, mentors, and motivational speakers. They have been headliners for numerous schools,churches,colleges and community tours ,they bring their story to life on stage before thousands of youth and audiences of all ages. They have starred in numerous plays, skits and short films. Some of their recent work includes:


"Heal The Hood: The Movie" - as Leaders of the White Crew

"The Life Of Danny Moss" - as gang members

"Bullied: A Reason To Stop" - as Big Sean and Scottie

"Detention: The Short Film" - as Calvin and Galvin

"Wake Up Tour Evolution: The Comic Book" - as (Themselves as Passion and Purpose)