T.W.I.N.'S : Together we impact nations and neighborhoods


About Us


Growing up as identical twins, we learned early that “two heads are better than one.” That quote taught us the art of selflessness, and now we want to help others realize this kind of thoughtfulness and togetherness in our neighborhoods and our nation. T.W.I.N.’S is an organization that uses creative methods to promote positive change, that will alter all kinds of negativity that our community, especially our youth, deal with daily. Growing up, we were always asked, “are you guys twins?” and of course we responded with a yes; but today through working with our communities, neighborhoods and our schools, the word TWIN takes on a new meaning for us. Together We Impact Neighborhoods & Nations, T.W.I.N.’S. We want this organization and its programs to help positively impact our schools, churches, neighborhoods and communities.   


Mission Statement:


Our mission and goal is to positively impact and empower our neighborhoods and nations together and help rebuild the relationship between our communities, schools, churches, and much more. Through the power of togetherness and being willing to make an impact to this generation, T.W.I.N.’S organization is more ready and fully equipped to help change this world one neighborhood at a time. We want to help give every neighborhood, community, and nation the same identical positive outlook, because we believe that no matter your race, age, or gender, if you can make a positive impact, you are a TWIN.


T.W.I.N.’S Biography


The T.W.I.N.’S organization started with humble beginnings in the year 2008. It begins with just us two brothers, who are twins, Brandon and Bryan Mathis, full of hope and faith to help improve and positively impact our troubled youth and communities and through many different local outreach programs and community organizations we utilized every avenue within our reach to make a difference; but the love for kids, however, started way earlier on.

We started out working in a daycare, which helped us see the importance of where early childhood development really begins, and just simply learning how to entertain children while teaching them. We later moved over into working with youth ministries and youth groups alongside many different churches in the community and helped them develop many impactful programs and summer camps that are still going strong today.

We were enrolled and trained as actors in a local production company in Memphis, TN, Myra Mosby Production, that allow us to tour different summer camps and youth facilities everywhere for many years, which really open many other doors of opportunities, along with the gift of music, to partner with a local organizations called Heal the Hood Foundation of Memphis and also the G.R.A.S.S.Y program, a program within the Shelby County School System. Partnering with this organization allowed us to help our youth and the communities in many other ways, such as being lead actors, along with the kids from our programs, in movies, and productions, encouraging them to believe in their gifts and talents.

This also lead to us headlining an edutainment (educational entertainment) wake up school tour, that gave positive music, sounds and visuals of hope and change that can immediately and affectively impact a child’s life. After becoming music directors and mentors for HTH foundation we explored even more ways to impact our community and our youth, by mentoring and intervention, and by doing all of these things T.W.I.N.’S has impacted nearly 20,000 youth so far and the journey has so much further to go.